The Voer-region has a beautiful rolling landscape, an abundance of natural beauty where peace and tranquillity prevails. As a walker, cyclist or mountain-biker you can fully enjoy the picturesque villages, the varied landscape and beautiful views. The Voer-region is composed of six boroughs and is the only part of Flanders on the eastern side of the Meuse, right between Maastricht, Aachen and Liege. It is an ideal startpoint to explore the surrounding areas. The range of sports and leisure opportunities is very wide. The Voer-region is one of the finest Flemish hiking regions. The beautiful scenery can now be explored using the marked hiking network, worth approximately 125 km of pure hiking fun. Through more than 90 numbered intersections (crossroads of walking paths), the hiker can choose the itinerary and length of the walk in advance. Or follow one of the theme walks leading through forests, rivers, sunken roads, stately farmhouses and castles, distinctive half-timbered houses and beautiful views.

The map (EUR 8,00 + shipping) of the complete hiking network can be ordered by mail

Cycling – ATB-Cycling

The province of Limburg has invested in a great cycle route network. The intersection network guarantees more than 2.000 km of cycling fun through the entire province. The cycle routes in the Voer-region fit perfectly with the Belgian, Dutch and German networks. If you are riding to the east of the region you can expect some tough climbs. For cyclists who want to leave the hills behind, a trip along the Meuse is very refreshing. If you want to take a look across the border with the Netherlands: the ferry in Eijsden (NL) brings you on the other side of the Meuse in no time. The new and varied Euregio ATB network will please both the novice and more experienced mountain-bikers. It takes you through beautiful orchards, woodland walks and sunken roads. Along the way discover the most beautiful scenery and steeply hills. The marked trails connect the provinces of Belgian- and Dutch Limburg with the province of Liège.

The maps of the ATB-network and Cycling-network Limburg can be bought at the Visitor’s centre in ‘s-Gravenvoeren.


Rental of bikes, mountain bikes, racing bikes, children bikes and electric bicycles


Rental of electric bicycles and scooters

Electric bicycles charging points

The number of cyclists with an electric bike increases every year and so the demand for locations where they can recharge their cycle batteries. The province of Limburg has the densest network of charging stations for electric bicycles in the Benelux.


  • The new charging stations are evenly distributed over the 2,000 km long bicycle network.
  • Each location has the quality label ‘fietscafé (bike-pub)’ awarded by Toerisme Limburg, and thus guarantees friendliness and good service to cyclists.
  • The load station is easily accessible with an electric bike and is clearly in sight of the cyclist.
  • The use of the charging station is free for the customers of the ‘fietscafé’ (bike-pub). A typical charge takes about one hour, perfect to have a drink or snack during the loading time.

In the Voer-region there is a charging station at:

  • Herberg Moeder de Gans, Teuven-Dorp 60, 3793 Teuven (VOEREN) between the intersections 427 and 428
  • Camping “Natuurlijk Limburg”, Roodbos 3, 3791 Remersdaal (VOEREN) between the intersections 425 and 426

Cleaning facilities for cyclists and ATB-cyclists: (Only on reservation !)

Educational orchard Voeren

An orchard is not only interesting in autumn when the fruits are hanging from the trees. Throughout the year, there is plenty to discover. This is why ” Regionaal Landschap Haspengouw en Voeren ” in collaboration with the municipality of Voeren, has built an experimental orchard in ‘s-Gravenvoeren.


In the orchard, you can pick unsprayed fruits; enjoy a delicious picnic and have fun to your heart’s content.


Here you will find information panels on the different types of fauna and flora, as well as playground equipment and benches.

Follow the winding path that is in the orchard and learn more about typical fruits of the region, the history of Voeren orchards and the orchard as a place of habitat of a variety of animal species.


The educational orchard is located in ‘s- Gravenvoeren on the hiking network between junctions 28 and 31 and between the junctions 422 and 423 of the cycling network.

Farmersgolf®, the fastest growing outdoor sport in the Netherlands and Flanders

It is a variation on the regular Golf. The golf course is laid out on a farm and the objective is to play a round of ten holes in the least number of strokes

Farmersgolf ® was founded in the Achterhoek by Weenink Cheese Farm in Lievelde (Netherlands). Farmersgolf ® is great outdoor fun in a natural setting together with friends, family or colleagues. Everyone can play it. There are no age, skill level or accreditation restrictions – no diplomas required. You can find more info on this original form of golf on the following website: www.boerengolf.nl

In the Voer-region you can play farmersgolf in:


  • A quiet location to fish on a pond., accessible every weekend from March to November.


  • from march until november:  saterday , sunday and hollidays from 8 AM to 6 PM
  • In july and august also opened at friday

Please note that if you want to fish in the rivers in Voeren, a fishing license is required of the Flemish Community. This license can be bought at the postal-office.

Water recreation

The region offers a lot of possibilities for relaxing in the water for both children and adults as for young and old. A variety of activities and pools give you the space to decide what you want to do in and around water. Some ideas for a fantastic day out:

Swimming pools

Subtropical swimming paradise

In Mosaqua you have plenty of recreational activities, both inside and outside, and this throughout the year. Here you can swim, relax or enjoy a snack and a drink.

Leisure Park

Funvalley in Eijsden, situated on the banks of the Meuse, is a true adventure for young and old. The recreation area boasts beautiful beaches with clean lawn, a large playground with spectacular attractions and adventure sports or customized packages.

Hombourgeois (activities)

Be surprised by our characteristic locations and relaxing or exciting activities: survival and outdoor course, covered wagon tour, guided tour of the syrup distillery, bakery workshop combined into a sporty or Burgundian package.

We serve traditional regional dishes (breakfast, lunch, dinner) on location or in our French salon, also an inspiring meeting location, whether or not in combination with an active or relaxing program.

Voetenpad Moeder de Gans

Het 1,5 km voetenpad loopt over het 3 hectare groot domein van herberg Moeder de Gans.   De route brengt u o.a. naar de bron van Moeder de Gans, de uiterst zeldzame reuzenpaardenstaart, de tijgerspin, wilde munt, een poel met regenboogforellen, heilzame blauwgroene leem, kikkers, salamanders, libellen, meidoorn, sleedoorn pruimpjes, maretak, een koeienpad, een dassenburcht, een kijkgat met zicht op het oerbos “Het rode bos”, een fruitboomgaard met wel 40 verschillende hoogstambomen, een meer dan 200 jaar oude kastanjeboom, een melkautomaat met verse rauwe koemelk verkrijgbaar voor het luttele bedrag van 0,15 eurocent per bekertje, de bron van de Gulp, en nog veel meer natuurattracties.   De routebeschrijving is het hele jaar door verkrijgbaar bij de ingang van de herberg, geopend van dinsdag t/m zondag vanaf 11:00 uur.

De toegang tot het voetpad is gratis

Province of Limburg (BE)
  • Spa- and relaxation center Visa Versa (16 km), Visésteenweg 43, 3770 Riemst Tel. +32(0)12 74 49 00, website: www.visa-versa.be
  • Sport- and recreation center Op’t Reeck, Reeckervelt 3, 3770 Riemst Tel.: +32(0)12/44 03 46, website: www.sporthalriemst.be
  • Kajak Maasland (19 km), Maasdijk-grens, Lanaken-Smeermaas Tel.: +32(0)89 71 73 90, website: www.kajakmaasland.be
  • Sports- and playground Hirtheren (19 km), Sint-Jansstraat 8c, 3770 Riemst (Herderen) Tel.: +32(0)12 44 03 46 (sportdienst Riemst)
  • Spa Sané (28 km), Bilzersteenweg 411, 3700 Tongeren Tel.: +32(0)12 23 64 42, website: www.sane-thermen.be
Province of Liege (BE)
  • Boat trips on the Meuse (21 km), Quai Van Beneden, 4020 Liège Tel.: +32(0)4 221 92 21, website: www.liege.be/tourisme
  • Golf & Country Club Henri-Chapelle (9 km), Rue du Vivier 3, 4841 Henri-Chapelle Tel.: +32(0)87 88 19 91, website: www.golfhenrichapelle.be
  • Golf Club Sart Tilman (24 km), Route du Condroz 541,
4031 Angleur (Liège) Tel.: +32(0)4 336 20 21, website: www.rgcst.be
  • Eupener Karting (27 km), Industriestraat 23,
4700 Eupen Tel.: +32(0)87 31 32 33, website: www.eupenerkarting.be
Province of Limburg (NL)
  • Fun Valley Maastricht (5 km), Oosterweg 5,
6245 LC Eijsden Tel.: +31(0)43 409 44 41, website: www.funvalleymaastricht.nl
  • Golfcourse Het Rijk van Margraten (11 km), Bemelerweg 99,
6267 AL Cadier en Keer Tel.: +31(0)43 356 99 99
, website: www.golfenophetrijk.nl
  • ROCCA Actief enjoyment (13 km), Landsraderweg 13,
6271 NT Gulpen, Tel.: +31(0)43 450 47 47, website: www.rocca.nl
  • Maastricht International Golf (15 km), Dousbergweg 90,
6216 GC Maastricht Tel.: +31(0)43 328 17 40, website: www.migolf.nl
  • Midgetgolf Sint Pietersberg (15 km), Luikerweg 78, 6212 NH Maastricht Tel.: +31(0)43 321 17 29, website: www.midgetgolfmaastricht.nl
  • Kajak en rafting Tour Limburg, Grotedries,
6223 AE Maastricht Tel.: +32(0)89 61 44 24, website: www.kajaktourlimburg.nl
  • Boat trips on the Maas, Maaspromenade 58,
6211 HS Maastricht Tel.: +31(0)43 351 53 00, website: www.stiut.nl
  • Kano & Rafting Maastricht (16 km), Koevaart 15, Meers Tel.: +31(0)43 407 19 54, website: www.kanomaastricht.nl
  • Bowling Valkenburg (16 km), Bowling Valkenburg, Oosterweg 5, Valkenburg Tel.: +31(0)43 601 40 76, website: www.bowlingvalkenburg.nl
  • Thermae 2000 (16 km), Cauberg 27, Valkenburg Tel: +31(0)43 609 20 00, website: www.thermae.nl
  • Holland Casino Valkenburg (16 km), Kuurpark Cauberg 28, Valkenburg Tel: +31 (0)43 609 96 00, website: www.hollandcasino.nl
  • Party Bowling Centrum Schin op Geul (19 km), Schin op Geul, Walem 7, Schin op Geul Tel.: +31(0)43 459 34 36, website: www.bowlingschinopgeul.nl
  • Outdoor Karting VOF (27 km), Selzerbeeklaan 23, 6291 HV Vaals Tel.: +31(0)43 306 20 89, website: www.kartingvaals.nl
  • SnowWorld Indoor skipiste Landgraaf (34 km), Witte Wereld 1, 6372 VG Landgraaf Tel.: +31 (0)45 547 07 00, website: www.snowworld.com
  • Minli Skate Paradise (34 km), Minli Schaatsparadijs, Einsteinstraat 3, Landgraaf Tel.: +31(0)45 531 81 70, website: www.minli.nl
Aachen (DE)
  • Euregio Ballooning (27 km), An der Glashütte 8, 52074 Aachen Tel.: +49(0)241 88 90 40, website: euregio-ballooning.de
  • Aachner Golf Club (28 km), Schurzelter Straße 300, 52074 Aachen-Seffent Tel.: +49(0)241 12 501, website: www.aachener-golfclub.de
  • Spa Aachen (30 km), Burtscheider Markt 18-20, 52066 Aachen Tel.: +49(0)241 608 80 57, website: www.bad-aachen.de
  • Carolus Thermen Bad Aachen (31 km), Stadtgarten/Passstraße 79, 52070 Bad Aachen Tel.: +49(0)241 18 27 40, website: www.carolus-thermen.de
  • Badminton, squash and climbing Tivoli (32 km), Strangenhäuschen 11, 52070 Aachen Tel.: +49(0)241 15 77 60, website: www.badmintoncenter-tivoli.de
  • Casino Aachen Automatencasino (28 km), Alter Posthof 12, 52062 Aachen Tel: +49(0)241 40 01 20, website: www.westspiel.de
  • Casino Aachen Klassisches Spiel (28 km), Monheimsallee 44, 52062 Aachen Tel: +49(0)241 18 08-0, website: www.westspiel.de
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