The perfect place to start your journey of discovery through the Voer-region

Would you like to discover the region in a playful and interactive way? That’s possible: in the visitor’s centre you can visit the nature-led educational exhibition as well as the cartographic-educational exhibition.

the nature-led educational exhibition

The sliding windows, three-dimensional viewers, tunnels, doors, puzzles, sounds, lights and pictures of the nature-led educational exhibition reveal some of the secrets of that wonderful Voer-region. Did you know for instance that badgers and escargots or Roman snails are true inhabitants of Voeren? And that the mistletoe is hanging in the poplars as a real Christmas decoration? Would you like to discover the other secrets of this region? Let’s take a look…

Four inhabitants of Voeren welcome the visitor in their dialect. This immediately rouses the interest to get to know this “strange” region.

Next a panoramic view and a movie reveal a number of other secrets.

Through sliding panels you learn more about geology, the subsoil and the landscape. Interesting facts regarding fauna and flora are discovered in a playful way. By way of puzzles, buttons, tunnels, sounds and lights you get acquainted with a number of “special hosts” such as the badger, the escargot, the trout, the nurse-frog, the fire salamander, etc. “Southern and chalk loving plants” such as the mistletoe, wild marjoram, orchids, honeysuckle, red elderberry also love the region of Voeren ….

But not only nature is a main attraction point as the region also has a number of other worthwhile sights of interest such as the villages with their monumental and historic buildings and timbered houses: certainly worth a visit.

Beautiful pictures and pieces of craftsmanship will certainly rouse your interest. And the cow with a tower of milk will amaze every “townsman or woman”.

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Opening hours: 10h00 – 16h00, including summer and winter holidays
Closed: week days from November 04 up to February 08, Christmas Day and New year’s Day

Groups: reservation (even without guide) required as from 20 persons
Guided tours: € 25,–/group for 1 hour

The cartographical exhibition

However, the region of Voeren does not only have a unique landscape, it also has a complex history. The far-ancestors of the inhabitants of Voeren used to make arrow points out of flint- maybe even a surprise for Fred Flintstone- and the Romans used to know this region, which is situated near Tongeren en Aken, quite well.

The cartographic/historical exhibition clearly shows the other occupiers, rulers and governors of the region up to the present.
Discover the history of the region of Voeren and become a real puzzle expert!

Openings hours
9h00 – 17h00, all year round (Weekend 10u00 – 17u00)
Closed: Christmas day and New Year’s Day

Information counter

Our co-workers at the information counter will personally handle all your questions on the region of Voeren, the direct surroundings and Flanders. There is also a lot of tourist documentation available, such as walking and biking maps, free information on accommodation possibilities, you can buy some nice gifts and souvenirs, and much more ….

Opening hours
9u00 – 17u00, all year round (Weekend 10u00 – 17u00)
Closed: Christmas day and New Year’s Day

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