The Voer-region is an old fruit area and the average yield of hard fruit, especially apples, is 2.600 tons. There are no less than 58 different cultivars. The majority of this fruit is auctioneed in Borgloon/Wezet and goes to the cider factories of Thimister and Aubel, but in Voeren hard fruit is also turned into wine on a small scale, expecially in family cellars.

Jean-Marie Ernon from ‘s-Gravenvoeren tries to revive that old family tradition and has succeeded in creating a very delicious product. In what he has coined his ”pomoenological” (a contraction of pomology and oenology) research centre, he tries out the possibilities of a product with a purely Voeren origin. Some 31 apple cultivars have already been made into wine, with a surprising result.

Every apple wine is cultivar pure, different harvest are never mixed. Jean-Marie studies cultivar and origin with great care; then geological and kadastrale maps, aerial tographs and microclimatological data are almost as important as the press. All details about flowering, growth, picking, maturing and post-maturing, yeast and yeasting control and amusing anecdotes around the ”birth” of each barrel are carefully noted down.

Actually, you had better go and ask him yourself, for cellar master Jean-Marie is always game for a tasting session and interesting story.

The wine is for sale at the Visitors’ Centre  in ’s-Gravenvoeren

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