This cake is in fact a variation on the ”loaves” that were known under the name of cougnoulx or couglou in Wallonia in the Middle Ages.

Ingredients : 1.500 grammes of. flour, 60 gr. yeast, 525 ml lukewarm milk, 5 soup spoons of honey (approx 90 gr.), 50 gr. ground almands, 5 eggs, 300 gr. butter, 150 gr. margarine, 150 gr. lard (together 600 gr fatty ingredients), 30 gr salt, 650 gr granulated sugar (nr. 5).

Preparation: use half of the milk to dissolve the yeast. Then add 500 gr of flour, together with the honey and the ground almands. Leave this ”pre-dough” for approx. one hour. Then add the remaining milk, flour, eggs and butter. Knead firmly. Salt is not added until the very end. Put the dough for three hours in a cool place, covered with a moist cloth. Add 650 gr of granulated sugar (add lightly, do not knead). Distribute the dough and let it rise in buttered cake tins (approx 45 minutes). The platz is baked in 30 minutes at a reasonably high oven temperature. Enjoy!

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