The word ‘tripsop’ is derived from ‘trip’ of ‘tripe’ (intestines), boiled in juice or salted water.

In a competition, organised by the Limburg butchers’ association, the Voeren butcher Raymond Meertens won a golden and silver medal with his ”trip”. So we quote him on this Voeren delicacy:

“I learned how to make white tripe – originally called boudin blanc in the Liège region – from my father, who in his turn had been taught by the friars of Godsvalley (Val-Dieu). For the preparation I use milk with raw meat, seasoned with among others, marjory.

It can be eaten raw or roasted on a grill.

The red tripe owes its quality especially to the way in which I let the meat marinate with all kinds of vegetables, after which I add fresh blood. The classical way in wich we eat red tripe in Voeren, is baked with apple slices. Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands was on a visit to the Voer region incognito in 1993 and she thought it a true treat”.

Red- and white tripe can be bought at:

Butcher’s Eussen, Vitschen 2, 3798 ’s-Gravenvoeren, tel.: +32 (0)4 381 25 04

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