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The Voer-region (province of Limburg/Flanders) is formed by six small villages (from West to East: Moelingen‘s-GravenvoerenSint-Martens-VoerenSint-Pieters-VoerenTeuven and Remersdaal) which are stuck to the Belgian Dutch border, south of Limburg. In 1976 they merged into one administrative municipality ”Voeren”. The total area is 50 square kilometres; it has just over 4100 inhabitants.

You can rightfully say that the living environment here is peaceful and unblemished. The air is pure and the horizon is not marred by smoking chimneys or high rise buildings anywhere. To cap it all, it is a true paradise for walkers and cyclists. All the surrounding landscape is in harmony with nature. The region with its romantic village centres, in which the church always dominates, the paternoster of chapels and field crucifixes, old farms, typical timber frame houses with silex walls, castles and their domains, deciduous forests, old orchards, hawthorn hedges and unforgettable panoramas has an irresistible appeal for the visitors.

Our possibilities are limited: our firms are mainly small scale family enterprises, but it is exactly that involvement of your guest family that guarantees a warm reception and a complete sense of holiday relaxation.

Anyone who loves nature, quiet, social contacts, healthy food, active relaxation and a good night’s rest, will definitely experience the Voer-region as a ”unique sensation” in Flanders.

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