Boundless Walking with pleasure

Put on your hiking boots and follow the most beautiful trails through an inspiring and beautiful environment!

Een das in het bos
Een eekhoorntje in een boom
Een vos in het bos
Voerstreek Wildlife
Groene cirkel 1
Groene cirkel 2
Wandelaars vrouw en man op holle weg
Wandelaar man kijkt door verrekijker van heuvel
Close-up van een wandelschoen in actie
Wandelaar vrouw op bospad

Walking in the Voer region

To walk & And enjoy

The Voer region is one of the most beautiful Flemish hiking regions. You can now explore the beautiful landscape via the signposted walking network, good for about 125 kilometers of walking pleasure. On the basis of more than 90 numbered junctions, the walker can map out his own walk on unpaved and traffic-calmed paths.

Vistas & Sights

You can also determine the length of your course yourself, in advance. Or you can follow one of the theme walks that lead you along forests, rivers, sunken roads, stately farms and castles, special half-timbered houses and beautiful panoramas. The most beautiful walk in Flanders holiday country (Bronnenwandel) is also part of this network.

Hiking Map Order

Did you know that with the purchase of this walking map, you directly contribute to the quality and maintenance of the walking network in the Voer region? Together with the Municipality of Voeren, we ensure that walking in the Voer region continues to be enjoyable for everyone.

Wandelaar loopt op bospad naar kasteeltje in de Voerstreek
Wandelaar loopt onder spoorviaduct door in de Voerstreek
Close-up van een restaurant café tafel met Belgische biertjes

Walking is bound by some rules

Please read the rules carefully

By observing the walking rules you make the people and nature of the Voer region happy!


Walking regulations

Some rules to enjoy the walk with respect for the inhabitants and nature, so that everyone is happy again!

Wandelaars in bos

Explore the unspoiled nature of Voeren and make it a real sensory experience: hear the sounds of the forest and the streams, experience the silence, observe the animals, touch the tree bark, smell the scent of the earth and taste what the landscape produces .

Gezin met kind in het bos

There is still enough space in the Voer region for plants, animals and people. It is a nice meeting place where you can walk, cycle, tour, play and enjoy to your heart's content. Experience the landscape to the full, but always keep in mind that it is also a habitat for a number of increasingly rare plants and animals.

Man vrouw hond in bos

Save our rare fauna and flora: Do not pick, trample or destroy plants. Only pick fruit where you can. Show respect to the animals you encounter. Respect people and their privacy. Dogs on a leash and carrying a waste bag with you. Only use the permitted, signposted paths and don't leave any rubbish behind after your visit!

Twee vriendinnen omarmt in bos

If you come across litter on your route, please contact the municipality of Voeren on 0032 (0) 4 381 99 43. Problems with the signposting of the route? Report it to Tourism Voerstreek. Found an injured animal? Contact the Nature Help Center on 0032 (0) 89 85 49 06 Industrieweg Zuid 2051, 3660 Oudsbergen.

Man baby hondje in bos

For walking routes around the Voer region, the land of Herve and the Dutch South Limburg click on the banner below to go to the website of the South Limburg Walking Guide. The routes partly run through the Netherlands and Belgium.

banner genieten van de Voerstreek om geld in te zamelen voor herstel van de natuur

You can donate to the landscape fund from € 2 via the website: www.landschapsfondsvoerstreek.be/draag-bij by bank transfer to the account number: BE10 0000 0000 0404 marked with: Landschapsfonds Voerstreek of 623/3722/90050

The Voerstreek Landscape Fund

The residents have known for some time how special their landscape is. Yet biodiversity is also under pressure here, and with it the quality of life. Together with the changing climate, this deserves our attention. In order to harmonize nature, heritage, tourism and agriculture even better, the Municipality of Voeren, Tourism Voerstreek and Regional Landscape Haspengouw and Voeren (rlhv) launched the Landscape Fund. By working out concrete actions with the inhabitants and the catering industry, the aim is to strengthen the typical landscape. So there is more cooperation than ever to make the Voer region a flourishing place where it is pleasant to live, work, farm and relax. If you, as a visitor to the region, donate a small contribution, you will help to arm this unique landscape for the future.