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Discover the best children's activities in and around the Voer region

An amusement park, playground, zoo, farm with animals or a day at the beach. it's all just a few kilometers in and around the beautiful Voer region!

Kids Tips

Speelboomgaard in de Voerstreek
Kids Playing in nature

Experience Orchard Tasting

An orchard is not only interesting in the autumn, when there is fruit on the trees. There is something to do all year round. That is why the regional landscape of Haspengouw and Voeren set up an experience orchard together with the municipality of Voeren. In an experience orchard, the educational is linked to the pleasure: there are information boards about the different types of fauna and flora, but also play equipment and benches. Thanks to permanent picking sticks and a hedge of small fruit, you can taste the unsprayed fruit to your heart's content.

Speelbos in de Voerstreek
Kids Playing in the Voeren woods

Play forests in Voeren

  • There are 4 play forests in Voeren:
  • Play forest “Voerenberg“, ’s-Gravenvoeren
  • Play forest “Schoppemerheide“, ’s-Gravenvoeren
  • Play forest “Kys“, Remersdaal
  • Play forest “Alserbos“, Sint-Pieters-Voeren
The fairytale forest in Valkenburg South Limburg
Fun Kids

Fairytale Forest Valkenburg open from July 1st

Sprookjesbos Valkenburg is an authentic and affordable family park for children. Discover the timeless fairytales, beautiful playgrounds and cool attractions in this 3ha. large forest against the Heunsberg in Valkenburg aan de Geul. The Fairytale Forest is beautifully situated against the Heunsberg, giving you a fantastic view over the valley.

Adventure forest near the Maas in Maastricht
Water Nature

Fun Valley Adventure forest

The Fun Valley Speelfeest is the ideal party! Celebrate your birthday in our indoor playground with everything on it, only without the fries. Do you have a little less time and do the children have to be home before dinner time? Then the Fun Valley Speelfeest is an ideal option! The play party is all inclusive and the same as the other two indoor children's parties, except for the food.

Fort Willem Maastricht South Limburg
Play Kids

Fort Willem Playground

Playground Fort Willem in Maastricht: play and romp fun for 2 euros per person Enjoy running around, climbing and scrambling. Seven times in a row from the small slide, and then take the step to the large slide. Another win! Just playing with water and sand, nice paddling. Those who are not gone have been seen.

Kinderrijck Biltzen in Belgian Limburg
Kids playground

Kinds Domain Bilzen

Completely in the atmosphere of knights and damsels, castles, dragons, ... where children are central and can enjoy themselves and relax. 5000m² of fun where children from 0 to 14 years can romp to their heart's content, also ideal for school trips, birthdays, associations, ...

Petting zoo Pietersheim
Kids Playing & Animals

Petting zoo Pietersheim

Cuddling with sheep and kids and then romping around in the large playground. On warm days, the pond is especially an attraction. When you visit the House of Lotte & Giel you will discover more than twenty species of rabbits and poultry.

De Grubbe petting zoo
Kids Playing & Animals

De Grubbe petting zoo

Rabbits, goats, peacocks, sheep, pigs and even donkeys live on the farm.

Kinderboerderij Ut Buske
Kids Playing & Animals

Ut Buske

Just outside the center of Valkenburg you will find Kinderspeelboerderij Ut Bukske, the perfect place for a wonderful day out for young and old. The children can play to their heart's content in the indoor and outdoor playground, meet the various farm animals and race on the go-kart track. They won't be bored for a moment!