Six villages and beautiful nature

Find out more on this page about the six villages of the beautiful Voer region!


The Belgian Voerstreek consists of six villages located in a beautiful green surrounding!

Small photo of s-Gravenvoeren in Voerstreek Belgium


s-Gravenvoeren has developed as a ribbon village along the river Voer, with numerous footbridges over the water to the houses.

  • A bank in the center to withdraw money
  • The town hall of the entire Voer region
  • Some very interesting hangouts
  • Completely restored church and presbytery
  • Visitor Center De Voerstreek
  • A gas station to fill up your tank
Small photo of Sint Martens feeding in the Voer region of Belgium


The village image is dominated by the 23 m high railway bridge. It is part of the Tongeren-Aachen line that was built by the Germans during the First World War.

  • Railway bridge from the first world war
  • The longest railway tunnel in Flanders (2070 m)
  • St. Martin's Church dates from the 13th century
  • Frissen's mill
  • The famous Veltmans House
  • Where the Veurs flows into the Voer
Small picture of Sint-Pieters-voeren in the Voer region of Belgium


The smallest Voerdorp, with less than 300 inhabitants, is best known for its Commanderie. This castle belonged to the German Knighthood until the French Revolution.

  • The source of the river Voer
  • Village church is from around 1660
  • The Sint-Anna chapel from 1730
  • A beautiful panorama of the Voer region
  • The castle Magis
  • Hollow roads and monumental trees
Small photo of Moelingen in the Voer region Belgium


Moelingen is the westernmost village of the merged municipality of Voeren. It is located in the Meuse valley on the river Berwijn.

  • The Church of Our Lady dates from the 12th century
  • There are still some remains of the 'Schans' to see
  • Vlakbij ligt een stuwdam over de Maas
  • Statue "D'r Djimmer" on the church square
  • The entrance gate of Voeren
  • Several closed brick hooves
Small photo of Remersdaal in the Voer region of Belgium


The landscape in the east of the Voer region already shows the characteristics of the Land of Herve: the farms are scattered amidst the meadows, hawthorn hedges and fruit trees.

  • The neo-Gothic Sint-Heribertus church from 1897
  • The castle of Obsinnich, from the 17th century
  • Extreme tip of the Voer region
  • Strouvenbos and the Reesberg near Hagelstein
  • Highest points in Flanders
  • Located in a side valley of the Gulp
Small photo of Teuven in the Voer region of Belgium


Teuven is located in a beautiful undulating landscape, surrounded by extensive forests. The neo-Gothic St. Peter's Church from 1870 rises remarkably high above the rest of the village.

  • De Hoof or De Draeck castle
  • The old abbey of Sinnich
  • The church and parish hall of Teuven
  • A well at Mother Goose
  • The former town hall of Teuven
  • The mudflats in Nurop