Heuvels panorama in de Voerstreek


Discover the Voeren events

Various events can be visited or experienced throughout the year in the Voer region. Check the website for the latest information and discover what the Voer region has to offer. There are also plenty of opportunities for the children to enjoy themselves in an original way. The Voerstreek will let you get back to your inner self if you wish!

Events Tips

Kersenbloesem in de Voerstreek
To walk April 13 2024, 2 p.m

Blossom walk

When blossoms bud everywhere you see the stroke on her most beautiful. Enjoy the scents and colors on the way and after afterwards, of a delicious glass of blackthorn jenever / Voerdrupke.

  • Bezoekerscentrum Voerstreek
  • 3798 ‘s-Gravenvoeren
  • parking Boomstraat
Zonsondergang zomers in de Voerstreek
Sunset July 13 & 20, 2024, 7.30 p.m

Summer evening in the valley

The busy day slips by and peace returns to it landscape. What is happening and which animals show now that night is falling? You will hear this from the guide while he/ she shows you the most beautiful places. Enjoy the panoramic views and an unforgettable sunset.

  • 3790 Sint-Martens-Voeren
  • Parking Veltmanshuis
Herfst impressie in de Voerstreek
Craft October 26, 2024, 2 p.m

Autumn splendor

The summer green has given way to a beautiful color palette. The fruit is picked for syrup or other treats experience, just as they did in the past. In Veurs, with beautifully renovated half-timbered houses, you really imagine yourself in one different era.

  • 3792 Sint-Pieters-Voeren
  • Parking centrum
processie in de Voerstreek

Events not organized by Tourism Voerstreek


A festive event for all ages. On these dates, the procession or the 'bronk' passes through the village:

  • Tuesday 26 March from 9 am in Sint-Martens-Voeren
  • Saturday 1 June from 7 pm in Teuven
  • Sunday 2 June from 9.30 am in 's-Gravenvoeren
  • Sunday 4 August from 10.30 am in Remersdaal
  • Thursday 15 August from 9.30 am in Moelingen

31th Easter walk

31th Easter Walk (Mountain and Woodland Walkers Feeding) Monday April 1th. Jubilee edition of the traditional tour on Easter Monday. With walks of 4, 8, 12, 17, 20 and 30 km in the natural heritage of the Voer region. Expect typical landscape elements, idyllic villages and beautiful views.


Kursaal, Boomstraat 27, 3798 ‘s-Gravenvoeren Parking opposite the Kursaal and on the Berneauweg, (Provinciale School / Moelingen SK) Vertrek: from 07:30 to 15:00, 30 km: until 11:00, 12-17-20 km: until 13:00 € 3 (non-members), € 1.50 (members of walking clubs) Contact: Dirk Gijbels, tel: +32(0)476 23 39 76, bbwvoeren@outlook.be

Open Heritage Day

Sunday September 8 www.voeren.be