Jongetje op schommel tussen de bomen van De Voerstreek


Discover the nicest places in the Voer region

There are always nice places to discover in the very versatile Voerstreek! Whether it's fun for the kids or relaxing with the whole family, the Voer region offers all of this and much more.....

Recreation Tips

Speelboomgaard in de Voerstreek
Kids Playing in nature

Experience Orchard Tasting

An orchard is not only interesting in the autumn, when there is fruit on the trees. There is something to do all year round. That is why the regional landscape of Haspengouw and Voeren set up an experience orchard together with the municipality of Voeren. In an experience orchard, the educational is linked to the pleasant: there are information boards about the different types of fauna and flora, but also play equipment and benches. Thanks to permanent picking sticks and a hedge of small fruit, you can taste the unsprayed fruit to your heart's content.

Boerengolfbaan in de Voerstreek
Golf Golf on the farmland

Farmers Golf

Without a doubt, the Voertreek has been enjoying the most beautiful and largest official Boerengolf course for more than 10 years. You walk through and around the beautiful valley of the Red Forest with a unique view at every hole. 90 Organic cows of different breeds continue to graze calmly to keep the "herbal green" at length and to provide super tasty organic milk. During the course you can enjoy a taste of tasty farm drinks and artisanal cheese..,. Groups from 2 to 120 people (0 to 80 years) are welcome. For 2 to 2.30 hours of pure laughter and enjoyment!

Speelbos in de Voerstreek
Kids Playing in the Voeren woods

Play forests in Voeren

  • There are 4 play forests in Voeren:
  • Play forest “Voerenberg“, ’s-Gravenvoeren
  • Play forest “Schoppemerheide“, ’s-Gravenvoeren
  • Play forest “Kys“, Remersdaal
  • Play forest “Alserbos“, Sint-Pieters-Voeren
Zwembad in Gulpen en in de Voerstreek
Swimming Swimming at various locations

Swimming pools in the area

Relaxing enjoyment in or on the water is possible for young and old alike. A varied range of activities and swimming pools gives you the freedom to decide for yourself what you want to do in and around the water. For a fantastic day out, you have the following options: Swimming pools Piscine Communale, Visé (6 Km) +32 (0)4 379 31 69 Zwembad ‘De Treffer’,Marathon 6, Eijsden (6 Km) +31 (0)43 409 18 07, Subtropisch zwemparadijs Mosaqua in Gulpen Nederland.

Visvijvers van de Berg in de Voerstreek België
Fishing Trout fishing

Fish ponds in Sint-Martens-Voeren

Fishing equipment can be rented. Reservations for groups possible. Open: from March to November: Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Also open on Fridays during the months of July and August. Keep in mind that if you want to fish in the rivers of Voeren, a fishing license from the Flemish Community is required. This is available at De Post, among others.

Voetenpad Teuven in de Voerstreek
Relax Nice and relaxing

Footpath at *Moeder de Gans

The 1.5 km footpath runs across the 3-hectare domain of the Moeder de Gans inn. The route will take you to the source of *Mother Goose, the extremely rare giant horsetail, the tiger spider, wild mint, a pool with rainbow trout, beneficial blue-green loam, frogs, salamanders, dragonflies, hawthorn, blackthorn plums, mistletoe, a cow path, a badger burcht, a peephole with a view of the primeval forest “The red forest. Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00 am. Entrance is free!

Motorrijders in de Voerstreek
Touring Discover the Voer region

Auto & motor routes

The Voer region has been known for years as the ultimate hiking and cycling paradise. But of course you can also tour perfectly with a car or motorcycle. The fauna and flora that are so typical of the region, the undulating landscape and the wide valleys, the numerous (standard) orchards, fields and vineyards, the many castles, the picturesque church villages with beautiful square farms and historic buildings. The Voer region is also the ideal starting point to discover the Euregion.