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Discover the wettest spots in and around the Voer region

Relax in the sauna or swim a bit, that's all possible in our area. We are very conveniently located in relation to the city of Aachen, Maastricht and Valkenburg.

Water Fun Tips

In Voeren, children can now romp in a play stream
To play Water

Play stream Lankwater

In Voeren, children can now romp in a 'play stream'. Natuurpunt has opened such a place along the Noor, because 'playing and relaxing in wild nature is so important'. It was baptized Lankwater after the name the people of Voeren used to give to the stream.

Swimming pool with hot spring water Carolus in Aachen Germany
Sauna Wellness

Therme Carolus Aken

Since ancient times, people have known the healing power of water, its healing, regenerating effect on body, mind and soul. According to Thales of Miletus, the principle of all things is water, everything is made of water, and everything returns to water. Beautiful, artistic and noble bathhouses followed this credo of purification, regeneration and relaxation.

Pietersplas near the Maas Maastricht
Water Nature


The Pietersplas was created at the end of the eighties by gravel extraction. After gravel extraction was discontinued in the 1990s, a natural finish was chosen for the lake, creating a unity with the Eijsder Beemden.

Thermae 2000 in Valkenburg South Limburg
Sauna Warm water

Thermae 2000

Combine a visit to Valkenburg with a sauna experience. In addition to the activities in the water, you can enjoy wellness: sauna, massage, solarium, barefoot bath and paid parking in front of the door.

Mosaqua swimming pool in Gulpen South Limburg
Kids Swimming


How nice that you dive in at the Mosaqua swimming pool! Your battery is about to be fully charged. Our subtropical experience certainly deserves a place on your activity to-do list. Plunge into one of the indoor or outdoor pools. Grab your relaxing moment in a whirlpool or experience shower.

Fun Valley swimming and group activities Maastricht
Swimming Groups

Fun Valley

At Fun Valley you don't have to bring anything. We rent beach beds with free umbrella. Enjoy a day of rest. We recommend that you book a beach bed in advance. You can do this conveniently and quickly via our website. Tickets for renting a beach bed with a free umbrella can be purchased at the box office in the park.